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Robot Love <3

Alejandro Rios&Sandra Sanchez 12/28/06<33333

19 June
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Who is Sandra?

I'm Sandra...
And there's this one boy named Alex ♥ and he makes me smile :D
Acting, modeling, singing, graphic arts..are my passions!
I want to go to NYU. NY is my home.
Oh and yes...I'm a Broadway junkieee :D
I speak English and Spanish.
I'm a freshman at Potomac Senior High School :D
I want birthday presents on June 19th.
I love Virginia. I've been here my whole life
Quiet, yet outgoing. I'm pretty nice.
I'm also pretty creative and random. Scatterbrained, much?
Music, Myspace, Food, Photoshop, Friends...
++Panera and Starbucks ♥
I put the PANIC in HISPANIC ©
My parents are from Nicaragua! and my grandfather is from Guatemala!
I love my parents.
And I also love my friends more than anything
I have an obsession with Travis Wall and Mike Shinoda
My favorite number is 7449. Don't ask
I love those rings that are in the machine for 25¢
I love Simple things.
I love my life and I'm trying to make everyday count.

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